The Outskirts of Eden

I will start posting some of the poetry I write as part of my creative endeavors as Soul to Squeeze ( on here. This is a little poem I wrote a couple of months ago. I stumbled across the image to the left and since it fit so well I wanted to share the both together. Here we go.

 The Outskirts of Eden

What I need is an endless summer

A vacation for good

Some peace and quiet

So I can

Hear the music inside me again

And maybe some friends,

Yeah, maybe some friends

To keep from going crazy


Salt on my skin and sand in my ears

Sand on my feet and my feet on the road

A thumb and a sign, but the place doesn’t matter

As long as it’s got sun, and sea, and crooked trees

And maybe some beer


The texture of the soil between the road and the beach

The threshold of paradise

The outskirts of Eden


Looking back I’ll see the van

The one I’d always dreamed about

Faded paint in red and white

Venerable dust and patches of rust


Before me, the waves will welcome me

With wet and wishful watery foam

The tides of ages will beckon me

And I will have found

That place they call home

© Daniel Oesterle 2013